WEBCO Medical Alert
Emergency Solutions for Independent People

Emergencies can happen anywhere in one's
home - even in the yard or driveway.

That's why it's crucial to have a home security device. WEBCO Medical Alert will enable you to communicate the message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around the home to get help to you fast. All of this with ONE button activation. The pendant is water resistant, so it can be worn in the shower.

WEBCO Medical Alert  is a medical alarm that preserves the independence of seniors and others looking for important personal safety, security and reassurance. The WEBCO Security Medical Alert System offers an immediate response in the first critical moments of an emergency with hands-free, two-way communications to our reporting and monitoring station. This is a must-have security system for those who live alone or do not have daily contact with outside resources in the event of an emergency.

A skilled, friendly professional is as close as the light-weight, waterproof button worn as a pendant or wristband. With the simple push of a button, a caring, well-trained Care Representative will immediately answer the call and stay on the phone until help arrives, whether ambulance, family member, friend or neighbor.

The system operates for up to 24 hours with a rechargeable back-up battery in the event of a power failure and sends warning signals for a low battery. Caregivers are notified of emergency alerts and alert activity reports are available to help keep health care providers informed.

WEBCO Medical Alert includes:

  • Hands free, two-way voice communication seconds after pendant is activated, with built-in speaker phone.
  • Rechargeable backup battery and warning signals for low battery and electrical AC power failure.
  • Lightweight, waterproof button on pendant or wristband.
  • Friendly, caring, well trained professionals providing outstanding service.
  • Optional Emergency Wall Communicator.

  • (Optional) Wall-mounted
    emergency communicator


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