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Emergency Solutions for Independent People

Solutions for Independent People

Thank you for your interest in WEBCO Medical Alert! Everyone has a mother, father, grandparent or a friend who could use a Medical Alert Button!

I’s very simple:  We give the person in need the pendant.  It’s a small button that they wear and we give them a necklace, a bracelet and a belt clip so that they can wear it however they are most comfortable.  On their neck, wrist or belt.  It can even be attached to a walker or wheelchair.  The pendant is water resistant so they can even wear it in the shower.  When they need help, they simply press the button and we come right over the speaker in the pendant and say “are you OK?” They may only need a little assistance and can tell us that they may not need an ambulance, but just want their daughter, or neighbor, or friend to come over to help them.  Sometimes they might only need help getting up to their walker, or help getting back to bed.  We call the person that they ask for and stay on the speaker and talk to them until they get there to be sure they are OK before we disconnect. 

It works throughout the home and up to 600 feet in any direction outside of their home.  (That is five acres!) This is important, because let’s say it is raining and they go out to the mailbox and god forbid, slipped and fell… they can just push the button and we can talk to them.  If they just need us to call their daughter, son, or neighbor to help them back into the house, they tell us and we’ll call whoever they ask for and then of course stay on the speaker until they get there to make sure they are ok before we disconnect. 

The price is only $34.99 (plus any applicable MN sales service tax) and we guarantee that the price will never go up as long as they have the Medical Alert!  We are the only Medical Alert Company that does that for our Customers because we realize that most are on a fixed income and has to fit into their budget.  We do  not have long term contracts.  Which means that they use the system and then when something changes, they simply send it back and we refund all unused money.  There is a typical $49 set up fee, but WEBCO won’t charge you if you mention the promotion code (“Solution for Independent People”).  Only a small shipping charge, if applicable. 

It’s very straight forward.  There are no other charges!  You can pay quarterly, or do what most of our customers do which is pay it annually.  When you choose annually, we give them a free month, so they only pay for 11 months rather than 12.

We are happy to talk to you more about it whenever it is convenient at no obligation. 



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